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Interview with Elena Rivolta, sales manager

The spirit of our company, specialised in the production of leather upholstery, is that of a true craftsman’s workshop, where work and skill are the expression of long professional experience and love for our craft.
Rivolta’s history merges with that of a land that has always been renowned in the field of upholstery, Brianza, where the business started in 1973.
We manufacture leather goods with the utmost skill and transform upholstery materials into sartorial works, confirming a product philosophy that for years has been unrivalled in quality and durability. But that is not all. In leather lies our culture, our history and our taste.
From the colour, to the tactile sensation, to the refined stitching, one finds a character of beauty in step with the times and with little inclination to excess.
We continue this mission year after year with ever more perceptible enhancements.

Tell us how the collaboration with DANI came about
The collaboration with the Dani company was born almost 50 years ago, between my father, Mario Rivolta, founder of the company in 1973, and Cavaliere Giancarlo Dani. An excellent understanding immediately developed, based on a great passion for the work and love of leather, a natural, elegant and timeless material.

In three words, what are the values that bind your company to DANI
The words are: RESEARCH, continuous and inexhaustible. QUALITY of product and service, FLEXIBILITY in production and manufacturing methods.

What are the strengths of DANI leather that have won you over and made the partnership so long-lasting?
The strengths are many. From the wide range of articles and colours to an instant service warehouse that allows us to supply leather in a very short time. Then, the constant willingness to improve our articles and add new ones. For those who, like us, are lovers of leather and all its characteristics, DANI boasts in its collections products of the highest quality, among which it is possible to appreciate the material in all its bursting nature.

What do you think of alternative materials to leather?
We believe in the dignity of materials. And we favour the characteristics of leather, stones, metals, woods. So we believe that alternative materials to leather do not make much sense. On the other hand, synthetic ones are polluting and the consequence could be to damage the environment, which must be respected and protected even by those who produce them. On the contrary, leather is sustainable and is part of a waste recovery chain.

Finally, how do you imagine the future of upholstery? What trends will be the drivers in the coming years?
We believe in timeless style and have always thought of an elegant home without excess. Our collections are intended for a clientele that does not follow the trends of the moment, but desires a quality product with a clean design. The world of sofas must take into account the technological and multimedia presence and be sensitive to the flexibility of space. However, our high-end target market will not follow any particular trends or influences. The furniture trend in general is destined to consolidate a cosy, monochromatic and contemporary idea of home, but with a reference to the past in terms of details, materials and solutions. For example, the sofa compositions Lounge, Vis a Vis, the Dormeuse, are all styled furniture products that are reinterpreted in a modern way. We think that the focus to concentrate on in the coming years is the culture of detail and the orientation towards quality products. And, above all, the study of new modularity, consistent with a more flexible style of living.

Interview by Elena Rivolta with the Dani Group communication team: