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Our excellence is a multifactorial and therefore complex value where savoir-faire, tradition, innovation, quality and uniqueness, aesthetics, emotion, tailor-made and service act as one. Excellence is also a place, Brianza, where our company was created in 1973. We have an artisanal soul that is specialized in leather production and has led us to grow all over the world. Yet above all, excellence is the love we have for our intricate profession which engages us in the constant search for an original, contemporary, and cosmopolitan design. Love for people and the quality of life that drives us to obsessive attention to detail. Love for leather because that’s where our culture, history, and taste flourishes.


Our hands welcome and listen with tact because leather as well as being a refined object that accompanies our life, our travels, is an emotion. It takes experience to understand what leather can translate to, what it can give.

Centuries-old knowledge that is handed down from generation to generation because each leather piece is different from the other, as unique as the craftsmen who work it. It takes time to transform raw leather into a refined and sensual finished product. Slow, measured gestures capable of constantly expressing the excellence of quality and detail. Skilled hands to create cutting and assembly sequences producing exceptional furnishings with a performance that is capable of being elegant and resistant. It is between our craftsmen’s’ fingers that magic blossoms every time: leather is transformed into edges, quilting, joints and finishes with an unmistakable charm. Sophistication and quality are the culture that is at the basis of our way of being leather craftsmen. It takes consideration to mark the boundary between the usual and the precious and more consideration to understand an emotion.


The importance of craftsmanship, our special feeling for refined quality of materials and of hygiene. Our sense of rigor for the processes and procedures ensuring an implementation of the highest level. A sense of time, duration, and maintenance. Everything contributes to making life more beautiful and fuller of new emotions.

The significance of our designs is to create well-being through beauty. A pure aesthetic experience, the result of a direct contact of our senses with reality, without mediation. The beauty of leather is instantaneous, instinctive, physical, just like our senses. Encountering a Rivolta furnishing means encountering a complete experience, that is perfect and complete as it is. All the components are tied by a fil rouge that necessitates nothing else. This is the subtle, visible, tangible meaning of quality for us. All the information regarding the care of our products, their quality and maintenance can be found in the manual found with each product or downloadable online. This also makes sense.


There is no limit to the creativity of a luxury product. Our search for innovation is a constant proactive commitment that unites tradition with the present and with the future.

Excellence is a horizon that anticipates an unrelenting journey, a commitment that grows, a value to be communicated over time, so that each customer knows how to satisfy their needs and desires through their conscious purchasing choice.