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A masterpiece is a masterpiece and the Rivolta day collection is one of those works of high leather craftsmanship that creates unexcepted emotions. There is acceptance, intimacy, conviviality, joy, persuasion. The sofas, armchairs, tables and chairs in the collection express friendship, closeness, drawing on a concept of home that testimonies our most intimate life. The geometry of the shapes together with the preciousness of details and materials portray this contemporary collection that expresses the formality and elegance of a design that is a perfect interpreter for today’s culture of relaxation. It is unique collection also for the vastness of types and furnishing elements. Rich in sartorial details of exceptional craftsmanship to enhance the quality and naturalness of the leather. Refined in the coverings, soft in the padding with discreet and elegant aesthetics, a perfect balance between formal cleanliness and the perception of timeless furniture.
A unique style dialogue between design and luxury product in which every shape becomes the emotion of Rivolta’s craftsmanship.


A sofa welcomes our friends, our intimacy, our silences, as we live in the house making it an onlooker of our daily life. The result of a strong liveliness with new functions associated with the culture of relaxation have generated a unique collection in terms of the vastness of typologies and furnishing elements.


The living room is a space that blends and adapts to new lifestyles. The armchair is a hybrid furnishing, it becomes the centre of the scene that elegantly redesigns spaces, making them intimate and welcoming, through the softness of the padding, the generous sizes, the depth of the seats and the leather upholstery, our happy place full of ornate details. It is objective well-being, both emotionally and mentally. A perfect balance between formal cleanliness and refined contemporary taste.