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The house and the leather that surrounds our designs look at each other, they touch, and they finally embrace each other. Shapes and materials are transformed and adapted according to new domestic rituals. Design and comfort spontaneously redesign spaces. It’s a new life. Furnishings that elegantly interpret the infinite functionality of contemporary needs. As if wearing a dress in leather that is reassuring and surprising. Indeed, it is an authentic style, designed to last over time.


Soft volumes and pleasant solidity are the concept of these sophisticated objects which, through artisanal know-how, interpret an exclusive idea of contemporary sociability. Those who don’t dream, don’t live, and this collection reflects the life of spaces and our way of being. The geometry of the shapes and the preciousness of the materials express aesthetic research. The leather upholstery, enriched by sartorial craftsmanship is timeless and becomes iconic.