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Our story comes from the senses. A story of leather, of hands, of contact. It is through skin that we are capable of loving, of connecting. It is through touch that we create an authentic, language that is alive and produces sensations of true pleasure: the extraordinary binding that connects us to the world.


A masterpiece is a masterpiece, and the Rivolta day collection is one of those works of high leather craftsmanship capable of provoking emotions. There is acceptance, intimacy, there is sharing, joy, persuasion.


We want to celebrate living well through the exclusivity of refined Italian manufacturing excellence, through objects that know how to seduce and speak of poetry.


Our excellence is a multifactorial and therefore complex value where savoir-faire, tradition, innovation, quality and uniqueness, aesthetics, emotion, tailor-made and service act as one. Excellence is also a place, Brianza, where our company was created in 1973.

We have an artisanal soul that is specialized in leather production and has led us to grow all over the world. Yet above all, excellence is the love we have for our intricate profession which engages us in the constant search for an original, contemporary, and cosmopolitan design. Love for people and the quality of life that drives us to obsessive attention to detail. Love for leather because that’s where our culture, history, and taste flourishes.