Design by R&D RIVOLTA

Modern designer sofa available in one, two and three seater versions. Removable leather or fabric cover.

Forrest Light consists of leather armchairs, daybed and sofas that distinguishes for a thin stretched structure placed on metal slim feet that echoes its light feel. The refined leather work that can be appreciated in the quality of the seams can only be compared with the fashion couture. Crafts knowledge and the selection of the best leather constitute the soul of this collection that has timeless style.



Small Armchair
L/W 75 cm P/D 75 cm H 70 cm

L/W 98 cm P/D 93 cm H 75 cm

L/W 180 cm P/D 93 cm H 75 cm
L/W 210 cm P/D 93 cm H 75 cm
L/W 240 cm P/D 93 cm H 75 cm
L/W 307 cm P/D 93 cm H 75 cm

Roller Cushion
L/W 53 cm H 15 cm

Day Bed
L/W 95 cm P/D 200 cm H 42 cm

L/W 80 cm P/D 80 cm H 42 cm